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When it comes to web development there are few technologies that can match up to Adobe Flex and Flash. Over the last decade Flash development has given websites their glossy look. Flex development on the other hand is powering the rich internet applications. Flash developers over the years have gifted us online games, puzzles and other multimedia elements on the Internet and for the desktop. Flex has narrowed the gap between web browsers and the desktop by creating RIAs that acts as a synergy between the two.


Flex Development


  • It is used to develop rich and visually appealing Internet applications that catch the eyes of the users. This takes a website or webpage miles ahead of a plain HTML or Java application.
  • Flex is used to develop quick response applications which process fast and give a "no-refresh" look and feel to the user.
  • Most businesses prefer Flex development to others as it helps in improving application performance by implementing an information processing environment that can hold large enterprise data. 
  • With Flex the website designers and developers have come on the same development platform. They are using the same tools for their work as against the different set of tools they used earlier.
  • Flex tools and frameworks allow developer to embed video and audio clips along with animated features into a website.

Flash Development


  • Adobe Flash is widely used to make a website or part of it interactive. Flash brings in much needed motion in webpages which otherwise look dull and boring.
  • This platform is used to develop games, quizzes, puzzles that can be easily integrated into a website or creates desktop applications. Flash is widely used to create e-learning manuals.
  • Flash is an ideal platform for the development of social networking websites which is a craze in today's world. Some of the most popular apps that run on Facebook and Orkut are developed using Flash.
  • Entire website is developed using Flash. This serves great for entertainment websites, photo galleries and other promotional websites that need to look highly attractive. Against all myths Flash websites are also search engine friendly.
  • Flash websites once loaded allow users to navigate through different sections of the website without having to reload it.


Both these platforms demand developers to be creative, innovative and technologically sound. Good Flash and Flex developers are a minority although many claim to know the technology. It is always advisable to outsource your custom development project to a good offshore development center which can give you desired results. Outsourcing to developing countries like India will also help you in cutting down cost considerably. Add to it the excellent support services, you will not find a better deal anywhere else in the world.

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Flash and Flex Development

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This article was published on 2011/07/15