Flash Player Troubleshooting -- My Flash Player Is Not Working, How Do I Fix It?

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You may be facing trouble with flash player whenever you try to open a file. There are several reasons behind it. Mostly in Windows operating system files don't open properly because the Windows settings related to File Associations are corrupted. It is very important to fix file association errors.

What happens is that with the passage of the Windows Registry size increases with increase in daily computing. In fact Registry is very important part of operating system where information is stored in form of sensitive codes. If there is minor disturbance in codes then it can ruin your system.

What should we do when Flash player is not working? Certainly you have to remove and reinstall it. In Windows you can use built-in "Add/Remove Programs" which is standard method to remove unwanted programs. But there is problem with Flash player; you cannot fully remove it this way.

If we use Add Remove Programs then there are still registry keys, services and processes which are hidden. And if we do not remove these hidden files sitting on the corner of the hard drive then it these will hog space and take much RAM usage rate resulting your PC to perform slower.

In order to remove Adobe Flash player completely, use official uninstaller tool.

Now you have removed flash player form your computer. Next step is to download earlier version, say Flash player 9 on your computer. Sometimes there are Flash browser conflicts and changing version fixes your issue.

Sometimes there is problem in sound drivers and that may be the cause behind your flash player. So, you have to update drivers.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. Find out the sound card driver.

3. Note down its name and vendor.

4. Uninstall it form your computer.

5. Now reboot your machine and update drivers if they are not automatically updated.

Always, faster computer will play content faster. An optimized system, bug free Windows registry will enable flash player to perform more quickly. The best method to repair Windows Registry is using a Registry Cleaner. Advanced registry cleaners are equipped with pc optimization feature.

To Fix Flash Player not working issue because of registry problems, experts recommend using a registry cleaner and pc optimizer to fix internal errors and optimize pc to perform faster, the way you want it to work.

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Flash Player Troubleshooting -- My Flash Player Is Not Working, How Do I Fix It?

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This article was published on 2010/10/27