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The latest software in converting Flash videos has finally arrived and ready for download. Video to Flash Converter Pro combines the latest and innovative technologies in video converting today. With Video to Flash Converter Pro, Macromedia Flash files can be easily converted to various formats that can be viewed and played back into the latest computers and mobile gadgets today.

As the best customer-oriented Video to Flash Converter software, Xflysoft Video to Flash Converter provides rich functions such as merging several videos into one file, trimming any clip of video, cropping video size, setting video effect, adjust flash video play skin and so forth.

Video to Flash Converter Pro can be used to convert flash files into mp4, mpeg and avi files, perfect for almost any gadget known to anyone. Finally, with the use of Video to Flash Converter Pro, all video and audio streams can be easily stored in personal storage and multimedia devices and be reviewed anytime the user wishes to.Click here to buy it: The software can be installed on all platforms and operating systems, and caters to all video streaming files in the World Wide Web.

With a wide array of multimedia devices that can playback the converted files, Video to Flash Converter Pro is the safest and most reliable converter. From the Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, Smart phones, Personal Digital Assistants, Windows based Pocket PCs, PSP, and other mobile and portable devices, Xflysoft Video to Flash Converter Pro is the best solution there is.

Video to Flash Converter Pro offers the best resolution and reliability when it comes to video and audio quality. The software converts the files into a portable yet clear and precise file. You can download it: goodbye to choppy videos and audios that seem to be not synced with the corresponding video, with Video to Flash Converter Pro, all audios and videos will be converted without a problem.

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Video to Flash software

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This article was published on 2010/11/11