Want to Get Rid of Shockwave Flash Crashes? Follow 4 Suggestions

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Adobe Shockwave Flash is one of the integral elements in a web browser that help users view videos or flash content alongside playing games. It is actually aimed at providing users with smooth navigation and joyful browsing experience. However, there are times when this plug-in turns into a headache for users. Frequent plug-in crash pop ups soar up user experience. Here, we are sharing 4 very easy to do things to help you get rid of shockwave flash crash.

1: Reinstall Flash Player

Our internet browsers keep updating with the new release by their vendors; however, it may happen that flash player installed in the system is not compatible with them. Shockwave crash may have been caused by this conflict in versions. Therefore, reinstalling flash player might fix the problem.

In this regards, close your browser and check installed version of flash player in your installed program. You can access them from control panel. Here, select Adobe Flash Player from the list and click Uninstall button. Once uninstalled, restart your computer, reinstall fresh flash player and enjoy the smooth browsing experience.

2: Repair the Registry

If you are observing that your browser's shockwave flash keeps crashing, check into the flash player's registry entries. There are chances that registry is corrupt or there are double entries. In order to fix the registry bug, one can either do things manually or install some bug fixing application.

This is one of the most effective solution to improve your browsing experience but if you do not have grip on how to fix registry issues, do not go for manual handing. Fix bugs and problems highlighted in scan results and your browser is just fine, once again.

3: Clear Browser Cache and History

This is quite interesting suggestion for every internet user. This bug is also caused by some corrupt file or element in browser cache or history. We can get rid of many bugs by deleting data in cache and history. Go to history panel of your internet browser and clear its cache. Restart the application and your problem is solved, most probably.

4: Employ Reliable Flash Crash Fixer

Here is a good news for internet users. There are many development houses that have come up with some fixing application. You can download some Intel partner tools on your system and scan it. Such software actually scan your computer's registry and fix the problems that are causing such crashes.

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In short, one can fix Shockwave crash by reinstalling the flash player or downloading some fixing application. It is hoped that the above given suggestions would help you in fixing your browser's Shockwave flash crash.

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Want to Get Rid of Shockwave Flash Crashes? Follow 4 Suggestions

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Want to Get Rid of Shockwave Flash Crashes? Follow 4 Suggestions

This article was published on 2014/01/21